Monday, June 30, 2008


Look what I picked today. You know the summer is officially here when you can pick blackberries. The wild blackberries reside across the road at my house. I had almost all of them eaten, when I decided to take a picture. Oh, how tasty the first berries of the season are. I will pick enough tomorrow to make us a cobbler. Of course with ice cream! In the summer I don't have quite as much time to scrap, with all the flowers and veggies. But, that is OK, I love both hobbies. Especially, the ones you can eat. I have finished up, both Heather's and Robyn's Challenge. I will post Heather's tomorrow, and then Robyn's, who is the guest designer for Scrapbook Cafe on Wednesday. Thanks for taking a peek. DID I MAKE YOU HUNGRY?


Anonymous said...

Yes you did, nothing better than blackberries and icecream. brings back a lot of child hood memories. thanks for reminding me of the good times.*

wanda said...

We had a neighbor that would make blackberry mush. I think they ate it 365 days a year!! They had eight children and would pick the berries in the summer and can them.
Makes me want to pick some for myself!!

karen c. said...

My grandparents (Barlow) and daddy would pick the berries in the hot sun, but that made up for it when grandma would make her famous Blackberry jam. I really didn't like blackberry cobbler, but jam with grandma's homemade yeast rolls and homemade butter...OMG!!!!
Those were the days I miss the most.

Pat said...

Those do look yummy!