Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We have a friend that is really into fishing. He goes every chance he gets. He celebrated a birthday on Saturday. We were late with his present & card, not getting it to him till last night. The first photo is of the birthday card I made, the 2nd is his present. He has big fish frys at his house, and I thought this platter would be the perfect thing. The platter is 17'' long, and sits in a chrome rack, it is also hand painted. He really liked it. But the best thing, I got something out of the deal too. He gave me a giant tomato plant that is suppose to grow to 15 ft. and have the best tasting tomatoes. it is about 1 ft tall now. Also I got an Angel Trumpet plant. You would have thought it as my birthday not his.


wanda said...

Bet he loved his card and gift!! Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Now thats a card and gift I can relate to, I hope you get to eat some of his fish frys. such a great ideal.Ps how are you gonna keep that plant up?*