Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yesterday was my husband's birthday, but guess what? I am the one that got all the presents. Pat mentioned this to me in a e-mail, and it is true. I got a goody box from her, with many many nice things. As I use them I will tell you, that it was something from Pat's gift to me. The second present was some good news I was waiting to hear about one of my sons. So Monday, turned out to really be a nice day. Thank you, Allan, for sharing your birthday with me. *wink*wink*. And Pat for the goodies.

This is another birthday card, which is very very simple, but sometimes that is what fits the receiver. Not saying this person is simple, but they enjoy the simpler less cluttered things in life. I am also working diligently on Pat's Saturday Night Challenge. I hope I get it completed in time.

I hope everyone has a spectacular Tuesday, I wish for you a day like my Monday was.

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wanda said...

Beautiful card. Simple is better!!