Sunday, June 15, 2008

In Memory of my Daddy 1923-1999

This is a picture of my Daddy that was taken in 1943. He was home from the Navy on furlow. It was taken at his home at Shulls Mills, NC. What is so neat about this picture is that my grandmother kept a little journal on the back of it. It started with the date he left and ended the day he was discharged. You can tell it was written at different times, because the writing was done with different pens. My grandmother must have been a very strong lady, because all three of her sons went into service at the same time. I can not even fathom all three of my sons having to go war at the same time. She was one of the lucky ones, they all came back home.
The back of the picture reads: Went to Camp Spartanburg April 20, 1943, there a few days, then went on to Bainbridge, MD for 8 weeks training. Came home June 19 for 9 days then back to MD for a few days then to Norfolk, VA for two days then put on the U.S.S. Yorktown July 5, 1943. Went to the Pacific and Honolulu, Hawaii. Furlow home Aug 18, 1944 went back Sept 2 1944. Furlow home Feb. 24, 1945 for 30 days then to Norfolk, VA Mar 31, 1945, then to NY June 7 1945 Home Dec 14 1945 to Dec 26. Back to Fla. Discharge Feb 11 1946.
Daddy was a gunner, when he was first stationed on the Yorktown, and later moved to a position in maintenance below deck in the refrigeration part of the ship.
All you folks that still have your fathers, daddys, dad, pop or whatever you call him honor him today, and everday, call him everyday and check on him, tell him you love him. Time passes so quickly and one day all you have is memories.

P.S. I know furlough is spelled incorrectly, but I wrote it the same way my Grandmother did.


not neat freak said...

I think you mean fathom not phantom

Anonymous said...

what a handsome sailor, one of the greatest generation men. we owe all of them a huge debt. what a great way to honor your father. thank you for reminding us.*

Pat said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Daddy.

karen c. said...

I knew you and I had a connection to become long time friends.. I am a Navy girl too. My dad was a Mass Machinist II and I remember him talking about submarines. After my dad died four years ago, I found a picture of him and wow was he a very handsome (in today's world..hottie) man. My mom still has pictures and his uniforms, medals and yearbooks. Your daddy was a handsome man too.