Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today. My plans for the 4th didn't come together as previously planned, so I am spending the day on the lake. I also will be surrounded by good friends, what else could I want. I still made cupcakes for my little granddaughters, I will give them to them when we go to watch the fireworks. This week has been busy, and I haven't really done anything creative to share, so I will share with you a photo of the cupcakes, maybe they will get you in the patriotic spirit. Or maybe just make you hungry.

We sleep peacefully at night, cradled by the big strong hands of America.

~Val Saintsbury


wanda said...

Wonderful way to start the day! Happy 4th to you too!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th, enjoy the lake trip and the cup cakes look delicious.*

Pat said...

They sure look pretty - almost too pretty to eat!