Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heather's Friday Spark

Heather's Friday Spark last week was something Red, White & Blue. So I made a card that I will send to my Mother. The week before Pat's challenge was something Red, White & Blue and I made a lot of 4th of July decorations for my house, since all the kids and grandchildren was coming over for a cookout. When I think of 4th of July cookouts, I think about the Guiding Light. I haven't seen that program in years, and I can't remember who always gave the cookout, but Reva & Josh, and all those people was always there. They always had a lot of decorations and balloons. If any of you ladies can jar my memory, please do so.

I noticed I needed something to sit the candles on, and had been trying to figure how to make something for that purpose. Well, as I was getting us a dish of Bunny ice cream, I noticed the lid was plastic, and red. So I put some blue paper on it, added stars, now I have a tray for the candles, in case they drip or something.

I am still working on the flower bed, brick border. I bought 30, 40 lb bags of soil today, and it still wasn't enough to fill in where I had extended the original bed. I think I need the little garden fairies to come to my house and help me. So if any of you nice people see them, please scoot them in my direction.

Thanks Heather for the challenge.


wanda said...

Always interesting to open your blog each morning and see what you have done.. You are an inspiration to me just by looking at what you have written each morning.

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me, how you come up with all these ideals I just don't know. It is a pleasure to open your blog each morning.*

Pat said...

Very nice!! I really like the way you did the star in the middle of the card.