Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So much to do

I know everyone is really getting tired of this "anniversary" thing I keep talking about, but I want to share, another thing I have been making for the reception. These are little lamp shades made to fit on a wine glass. The shade is made out of vellum, that I printed in the same pattern as the programs, that I showed you awhile back. You can not see in the picture but I used a little butterfly punch, that looked like cut work, around the bottom. I also used a pair of those zigzag scissors to cut the template out. I filled the wine glass with different things, each table will be different. The one with the potpourri smells so good when the light heats it up. The pictures doesn't show it very well but when lights are all out it looks really pretty I think. I used those little battery operated tea lights. Sorry about the photographs, I can't get them right anymore.


wanda said...

All your ideas!! You should make a 'How too" book.

Anonymous said...

where do you come up with all these ideals beats me. I'm with Wanda you should write a book. I'm booking you now for my next big thing!!:)*