Monday, October 20, 2008

BBBRRRR and Azalea Blooms

First things first. Happy Birthday Dee
Well, It is 32 at my house this morning. I know it is the 20th of October and time for it to be cold, but I don't have to like it. I'll have to go start my car early to get the frost off of it this morning, before I can start off for work. I haven't gotten my warmer clothes out of the basement yet, so I'll have to find some kind of jacket to wear. Oh and don't forget socks. It was just this past Friday I was wearing capris and sandals. This was peak weekend for the fall leaves in the mountains. A lot of the leaves are falling before even changing. I guess it was the dry weather we had.

I took this picture yesterday as I was putting all my flowers in the basement that would get frost bit last night. I know there are varieties of azaleas that bloom more then once a year, but mine are not that kind. It was caused by the crazy weather we have had recently, I guess. But whatever the cause I enjoyed it. Have a good Monday. I'm off to find some warm clothes to wear to work.


Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see a flower bloom when its not suppose to. It lets you know who really is in charge.*

Pat said...

Very pretty flowers. I've been in turtleneck sweaters for a week now! oh yeah, I've also been wearing the cutest orange fall themed sweatshirt jacket, too. Lots of compliments on it. It was a gift from someone who has great taste in everything, don't you think? **wink, wink**

Anonymous said...

It is so nice to see a flower bloom when its not suppose to

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