Sunday, October 5, 2008


Several post back I was telling you about the bag of seeds that our son had found when he was moving. They were in a little white bag, and his grandmother had written on it Marigolds. His grandmother had died in January of 2000, so we know they were at least 8 years old. I planted the seeds and the above is a picture of one of the beds with Mimi's marigolds in it.

Well the above picture is this year's seeds that I harvested from the flowers grown from her original little bag of seeds. I was thinking that I need to share these with the rest of the family, consisting of the grandchildren, the son's and their wife's, friends of hers, and nieces and nephews. Below is the little packet I came up with to put them in so I could add it to everyone in the family's Christmas cards this year. This is the front side of the packets. I used the oval die to cut the little pictures of marigolds out from a piece of card stock where I had printed the marigold clip art numerous times. This picture shows the back of the packets of seeds, where I cut ovals out with the words Mimi's marigold seeds. Mimi is what all the grandchildren called her. I used the oval to help seal the packets.

The template that I used was very simple. Just a few folds and a little glue and you are finished. I trimmed 12x12 patterned paper down to fit my printer to print the template on. So all I had to do was cut out, score. glue, fill with seeds, attach picture to front and back and the project is finished. I have a few more to go, before being completely finished. I do have everything printed and cut out, so it will not talk long to assemble them

Thanks for taking the time for me to ramble on and on.


Anonymous said...

What a great way to remember Mimi. Thats so thoughtful of you to do that. i would give anything to have some seed from my Mimi. Great job.*

wanda said...

Saving seeds and planting them is almost a thing of the past. Wonderful job with the packets.

Jamie Martin said...

The flowers are beautiful! What a wonderful idea to share the seeds with the family, I'm sure they will appreciate it.
The little packets you made for the seeds are very pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Saving seeds and planting them is almost a thing of the past.

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