Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pepermint Candy

Peppermint candy, I really don't care for the little disc, but love the old fashioned kind, that we used to stick down in an orange after cutting a hole in the top of the orange. How many of you folks have ever had a special treat like that. Oh and I love the York peppermint patties too. You gotta like them they have chocolate on them.

DH and I went and picked Wolf River apples today. I hope to make some apple butter over the weekend. That variety really cooks up wonderfully for apple butter. I usually put a little jar down in with every one's Christmas package. Has anyone got a pattern or template or ideal for a little box or bag that a little 1/2 pint jelly jar would fit down into. I would love for you to share if you do. Now to Pat's challenge for this week.

Pat said, For tonight's challenge we are going to do a chipboard alteration.

I did not have any chipboard hoarded away anywhere (I know that is hard to grasp, but it is true) and NC is having a gas crisis right now. Some days we can not find a gas station anywhere within a 50 mile radius that has gas. Other days, maybe all they have is 89 grade, and no diesel. On then other days, all you are allowed to purchase is 10 gallons at a time. Needless to say, I need to conserve the gas that I have, so I didn't want to go to the nearest town that would have the chipboard that is 30 miles away. I checked with Pat and she said it was ok to use something similar to the chipboard. I chose the thick Chinette paper plates to cut 6 -3 inch circles out of. I then downloaded a template off a site and sized it down to fit over the circles I had cut out. The template was printed on red card stock and then cut out and glued down over the white disc. I wanted some cellophane that is found on the rolls, but did not have that either so I cut up one of those cellophane basket bags. I cut 6 inch squares out of the cellophane and wrapped the little peppermint candies in it. I twisted the ends of the cellophane and secured the ends next to the disc with little lengths of white florist wire. Then what to do with them was the next challenge. I initially intended to make garland for my tree this year, but they were too large and I ran out of time. I had been thinking about making a "candy" themed tree this year. I was wanting to make all the artificial candies to go on it. I decided to go to the basement and dug out an old wreath that was going to have to be refurbished this year. Secured the candies on with the florist wires, fluffed up an old bow and there you have Pat's Saturday Night Challenge for this week. Yes, I know this is the first day of October, not December. Thanks for staying with this long post. My DH says that I have to write a book to tell something that can be told in one line.


Robyn said...

How creative!!! The wreath looks so yummy! (Seems like you and I are a little excited for the Christmas season to begin!)

Sorry to hear about the gas situation down there. On a positive note, I'd use that as an excuse to craft all day, every day!

Anonymous said...

Now thats what I like to see, using what you have around you to create something beautiful. I havn't thought of an orange and a peppermint stick in 30 years thanks for the memories.*

Pat said...

What a great job you did for this challenge!!! Would you share just a little of your creativeness with me??? I NEED it!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the gas situation down there.

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