Thursday, October 30, 2008


We all have Treasures, they may be material things, memories or treasures of your heart. This post is about some of those things.

A long time ago when my boys were little, my paternal grandfather would come to my house about once a week, to visit with my boys and to eat lunch with us. He was a widower, and had cancer. When I was only 12 my grandmother passed away and just a short time later he was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. Back then they didn't have the know how like they do now. As young boys, my sons always called their great grandfather "Pa can't talk" when they were excited about his visit or whatever. To him, it was just Pa. He brought me several things during those visits. Back then I was so wrapped up in my family, that I didn't ask any questions about the history of the items. It was hard also to understand him, after his surgery. I guess with the anniversary of my Father's death, I was drawn to these items this week. Also I have a new blog friend: VINTAGE GIRL AT HEART. And I'm sure you can tell by her name, what her blog is about. I don't even know how I found her site, but so glad I did. I love to look at all her "pretties". I wanted her to see these things, that I was drawn to on Tuesday. Maybe her or someone she blogs with can tell me something interesting about these things.

Thanks for letting me share these Treasures of mine with you.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful they are,your grand father really gave you true treasures. You will always have him in your heart. thanks for sharing part of your life.*

karen said...

I love vintage/antique items..I believe the first item is a pill box. My great-grandmother handed down to grandma looked similar to this. The second very unique locket broach; the third a early 1900 ladies purse only used during special occasions; the next one a combo of swiss army knife, id bracelet. Looks like probably after use in the war, he attached all these together. I have several vintage antique stuff handed down from my family. Only if kids really appreciated those kind of memories. Thanks for sharing Shelia.

Pat said...

Beautiful items! I believe Karen got it right on all the objects. I have a similar purse that belonged to my favorite aunt, Dorothy.

Officework said...

u will always have him in your heart. thanks for sharing part of your life.*

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