Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's 8 o'clock Somewhere

Time for Scrapbook Cafe's Saturday Night Challenge

What a nice surprise it was for Pat to ask me to do tonight's Scrapbook Cafe's challenge. She has really been busy this past week putting the final touches on "One Little Spark" the shop. Please visit here to see all the lovely pictures of the shop. all you guys that live up that way are so lucky to get to experience it first hand. I just sit around all day and thought about everyone having fun getting to look at all the goodies and SHOPPING. Perhaps some of you picked out something at the Grand Opening today that you can use on this challenge.
The challenge for this week's Scrapbook Cafe Saturday Night Challenge is to make a folder, book, box or what ever you like the best, to put recipes in. Last week at our family reunion, there was just too much good food. Everyone was asking each other for recipes and the such. I thought that I would compile some favorite recipes from family and friends that I personally know are good. Thus the name of my cook book Tried and True.
I purchased several of those little albums at the Dollar Tree that has the plastic sleeves in them that hold 4 x6 photos. The pages are not ring bound but glued at the spine of the book. The ones I got, have pages for 100 recipes.
The ones I found already had pretty covers on them, but you know how we are, we have to glue or embellish everything we get our hands on.
This is basically what I started out with, a album, pattern paper, and some recipes.
This is a shot of it after i had added some papers on the front and back of the book. I cut my paper smaller then the book because I wanted some of the original book to show.
Before covering the inside of the back cover, I adhered a length of ribbon to the lining that was already there. I then covered the lining and ribbon with the patterned paper. So now I have a length of ribbon I can use as a book marker. Then I moved on to the inside of the front cover.
I found these little scalloped bags by MS at Big Lots for $1.00, a long time ago, thinking I would use them for something sometime. Well the time had come. I cut off the bottom of it, used glue runner to put the bottom of it back together, and glued the back of it onto the inside cover. The above picture shows the pleating of the bag, that will allow it to hold bulky things.
I added a couple of embellishments on it, faux stitched around it, added a ribbon through the scalloped holes, and added a little note pad.
On the spine of the book, I attached some co-ordinating papers then added a little strip with eyelets that said Recipes. I popped this piece up with dimensional foam dots. Then to fancy up the front.
I used my nestabillities rectangular die to cut out two pieces in different sizes, attached those and then just added a simple iron on flower. Now we are about finished. The insides and finishing came next.
I made little tabs for the different categories. I chose, meats, vegetables, SWEETS, and the last was simply "everything else". I added some paper clips to the index pages, to have handy in case you need to mark extra pages of your favorites. All there was left to do is add the recipe cards that I had typed.
See how simple all of this was, Here is the final photo of the inside of the book. Notice that on the end of the ribbon marker, I added a little tab to the end to cover up the raw edges of the ribbon, this was added to both sides of the ribbon. Below is a photo of another one I have almost completed.
This was a solid green book to begin with, so I added the daisy print paper, added the title and a stick on daisy. I hope everyone will participate in the challenge and make a special little holder for those "SPECIAL" recipes. It can be elaborate or simple like mine, just make it fun for you. Thanks for letting me be a part of your Saturday night. You think Pat may be napping? *wink*wink*


Robyn said...

So pretty! And you make it look so simple to do. I love how you added all the personal touches to a store bought album!
This is going to be tough for me ('cause I HATE to cook)! But, I'll come up with something!
Thanks for filling Pat's shoes this week -- you're such a good friend to her.

wanda said...

I would love to have a recipe book like that!!!! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What can one say about something so beautiful and pratical. how you acome up with all you do is beyound me and working full time also. you are something else.*

karen said...

How creative!! You can take the most plain jane item and make it your own. It looks like you bought a expensive album. This would make a great Christmas gift.

Pat said...

Great idea!! Thanks for doing the challenge this week!!

Aimee said...

That is a great idea! I love the ribbon page marker!

Nan said...

That is really nice Sheila. I love recipe books. I have a huge collection which I really need to whittle down. Maybe I can copy out the recipes I am most likely to try and put them in a little book like yours. I would love for you and anyone else to share some of your recipes with me. My e-mail is

Anonymous said...

What can one say about something so beautiful and prati

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