Thursday, October 2, 2008

Dotty Dot Dot

Heather's challenge was all about dots this week. She talked about how many different ways we could use them. I needed some birthday cards for October, so this was 1 down and about 8 to go. My friends birthday is today, so I got it done right in the nick of time. The two background layers are from my scraps, Both layers incorporate the challenge by having the little dots. I'm sure these papers had a name at one time, but I do not remember. I then tore the paper around the blue on the stamped layer, thinking it would make the card have a softer touch to it. For the center of the sunflower I used little dot stickers by Heidi Grace to represent the texture of the sunflower seeds. Then I finished it off with a chocolate colored polka dot ribbon. Hmm, did I hear someone say chocolate covered sunflower seeds? Can you believe I didn't write a book for this post? Oh but wait I'm not finished yet.
I wished everyone would take the time to go look at Heather's blog, She has got some awesome photos of her house all decorated for fall and Halloween.
Also I am requesting patterns or templates for little boxes or bags to put my 1/2 pint jelly jars in for gifts. Now I am finished. *wink*wink*


wanda said...

Very pretty!!!! Love the dotty dot dot!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is very pretty and just goes to show off your talent.*


Andrea said...

Wow, beautiful card.

Pat said...

very cute. I can't believe I didn't get mine made!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

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