Monday, October 27, 2008

Pat's Saturday Night Challenge & Natalie's Ribbon

Can you believe I finished this on Sunday afternoon. Boy, that extra cup of coffee yesterday morning must have kicked in. The little almost 3 yr. old grand-daughter even visited a little while in that time frame. Before I show the Thank you card, that was the choice of Pat's challenge Saturday night. I want to tell you about my little grand-daughter, She was brushing Flossie Mae, and my DH said let Grandma brush your hair, Well she doesn't care for hair brushing all that much. But I said let's go look at all Grandma's ribbons and you can pick one out for your hair. After a little coaching she agreed and I brought her in to where I kept my ribbons. All my ribbons. She kept saying PINK, she wouldn't talk about any other color. But when I opened up the drawer where they were all stored, her eyes got big, and she said "OOH". I have all pinks together, and she touched and picked up several, then she saw a big 2" wide yellow polka dot. She said I want yellow. But before I could get it out, she said no, no, and grabbed the pink polka dot. That age is just so wonderful. But I believe she will take after me eventually, she will be in awe of all those "embellishments" that are out there.

OK, here is my entry:

Oh, I forgot to tell you the biggest challenge was keeping Flossie Mae, out of the pictures. Every time I would get ready to snap, she would try to get at the card. Any thing that is new or out of place, she has to investigate. Now to the actual pictures after about the 100th snap shot .
This is a shot of the final product. Now on to how I got there. On this card, the inside is more the vocal part of the card then the outside.
Notice the little closure to the die cut cards I found at Big Lots for $1.00. And they are ECO friendly too.

First of all I used a little leaf stamp and stamped a background all over the opened outside of the card. Then I used initial stamps to put my monogram on the piece that is used on the enclosure. Then progressed onto the inside, shown in picture below.

I layered some patterned paper on the inside, then added another layer of the same stock as the original purchased card. I had a scrap from a card that I goofed on earlier. Then I used a Stampendous Stamp for the sentiment. Also in the lower right hand corner, I put some little flocked dots. There is one missing in the very corner. Flossie probably ate that one. I didn't know it was even missing till I started posting the pictures.

Since this is going to be a hand delivered card. I dressed up the sealed flap just a touch.

The sentiment is for Pat and Dee. We met 2 years ago this month through a tragedy, and we have become the best of friends, through one of the toughest things that life could throw out at you. We still have so many unanswered questions, but will persevere till the end. Again, thanks Pat and Dee for believing in me and being patient with me till I knew the time was right.


wanda said...

Beautiful.....always a fresh idea on what you are working on.

Anonymous said...

You have out done yourself, you just get better and better. Its just beautiful. This will be a keepsake for some lucky friend.*

Heather "Hev" said...

Youve made a plain card look wonderful - Way to go !!!

Pat said...

How funny!!Been there, done that with trying to take photos with furry people present! Aren't they adorable? The card is great!

Robyn said...

So pretty!

Anonymous said...

You have out done yourself, you just get better and better

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