Wednesday, October 22, 2008

She went and did it again!

Pat started showing Christmas goodies on her blog and got me thinking again about my Christmas cards this year. So in other words she is to blame for this card. I found this MS punch a couple of weeks ago and thought I would use it to make a wreath. I just punched out a bunch of the branches from white card stock, and arranged them in a wreath shape. I also punched out one of the layer below. I wished I had not done that, because I do not like the way it looks. I will leave it off the next one. I added some stickles and little sparkle rhinestones to the wreath. That's it for this morning, except to thank my faithful followers, that always take the time to look and comment. It means a lot to me. Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Christmas can't be just around the corner can it? The wreath reminds me of a snow flake and I like the look, simple yet elegant.*

wanda said...

Nice, very well done.

Heather "Hev" said...

Hello :)

Please pop over to my blog

I have something for you :)

Anonymous said...

Nice, very well done.

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