Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Treats & Surprises

I had an early Halloween Treat yesterday. My Grand-daughter brought me lunch to work and ate with me. About 10 minutes after she arrived her mother walked in as a surprise to both of us. And guess what she came bearing. A whole bag of Hershey Nuggets with Almonds. My all time favorite candy. Can you believe all for me, I don't even have to share. Now that is showing love. Thanks, Jennifer and Amber for making yesterday such a special day.
8 more working hours, and the weekend starts. Well that is after all the little ghost and goblins come to visit tonight. I miss the homemade costumes. You know, the sheets with eye holes cut out. Little boys dressed as cowboys, little girls dressed as witches, not the action figures and stuff like that. One year my little grand-daughter was Dorothy from The Land of Oz. She even carried a little stuff dog. She sure was a baby doll in that. Things sure have changed since I went trick or treating. I really think we had more fun then the kids do today.

Tomorrow, (Saturday) will be my dear sister-in-laws 80th birthday. She sure don't look or act it. We are taking her out for lunch tomorrow, so I made this little card to give her. After I had it completed, I found out I had put everything on backwards. it opened from the wrong side. How many times have you all done that. I took everything back off and started all over.


wanda said...

Beautiful card from a beautiful lady.

Robyn said...

Happy Halloween, Shelia!
And I'm with you on the costumes! I have only bought ONE costume for my kids over the past 14 years. All the rest have been homemade! And I only bought one because I had just had my second child and couldn't find the time to make him one. My kids actually prefer the homemade ones because they are one of a kind and creative. As a matter of fact, when my son, Bobby, was 2 1/2 years old, I brought him to the NBC Today show and he won 3rd place in their costume contest!

Anonymous said...

Your sister-in-law is lucky to have you and Allan, youall have been with her through some tough times. Happy Halloween to you both.*

karen said...

Hey...tell Jennifer & Amber where I work...I love mini snickers *wink* ha ha ha ha... happy halloween!!!!

Pat said...

Happy Halloween!! the day after *wink* You know where I work and anything chocolate will do as long as you include a Classic Coke to wash it down with!! I agree with the homemade costumes - I made all of Heather's and it was so much fun. And you've also made another beautiful card. Hope you had fun today with your sister-in-law. Wish I lived closer.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had fun today with your sister-in-law. Wish I lived closer.

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