Thursday, May 8, 2008


Duh is what everyone is going to say when they open my blog this morning. They will say what was she thinking. Well fact is she wasn't. I have absolutely nothing to show, or no interestiing facts to tell. There was no creative juices flowing through my veins last night. Maybe I can get back on track tonight. Everyone have a good Thursday, open the windows, let the fresh air blow through. Yeah my husband says that is the thing to do let the pollen swirl through the house and then complain about allergies. Take care.


Anonymous said...

We all have days like that just proves we are human. can't wait for your next one.*

wanda said...

Did you catch it from me??????

Pat said...

Open the windows and give hubby some benadryl. I think we all need a little fresh air to blow out the cobwebs in our heads.