Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yippee a 3 Day Weekend

I feel like a kid at Christmas, originally we were not to be off on Monday, but this morning the owner announced we would. I am so excited I am giddy.

This altered frame will be one of my mother's birthday presents. Her birthday is June 7th. She will be 85. The pic is of her and me and my 2 sisters at Christmas. The rose is from Jolee's and the other red thingies in the other corner are from some of my collection that is scattered all over the house. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo I took, I couldn't keep the glare of the glass off from the other photo.

My friend KC asked a question in a comment today. "What do you do with all those mints, from all those tins that I alter. Well KC the answer is: Yes, I have 100's of them and I give some to my sons, take some to work, but the majority I sprinkle in my garden. Yes you read correctly, I sprinkle them in my garden. It deters the little rodents, they don't like the strong odor of the peppermint.

Have a wonderful Saturday. Thinks for dropping by, I really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family and a great gift. and i'm happy for you, to get an extra day off. ENJOY!*

karen c. said...

What a cherished picture...I know it is one of a kind. Thanks for the answer to the mints question. Do you ever sprinkle any on your "dear husband" ha ha ha ha.:)

Pat said...

So pretty!! Your Mom will love it. What a pretty group of girls you all are. And the info about the peppermints?? Priceless. I never knew it would keep rodents out of a garden.