Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday and counting down till Friday afternoon

I know I am wishing my life away, but I enjoy being off so much.

My sister is celebrating her 40th Wedding Anniversary, the last of July. My other sister, Valda who was in yesterday's LO, and I are doing the reception and decorating. While doing those tins, we discussed several recipes and ideals, but me being the absent minded person I have become have already forgotten what we said. I covered this composition book, to use in planning this celebration. I will write down all the info, and ideals that come along. I will include the recipes for the food we will serve and the sketches we make of table arrangements and things like that. Then afterwards, I will give it to my sister to put with all her other momentos of the day. Pat (my angel sent friend) is helping from a distance. She is making the favors for us. Can you believe how great this special friend is that I have ? Where I covered the inside of the front and back, of the notebook, I made a pocket to hold receipts and miscellaneous things. But I forgot to take picture of that. On the front, I used a rub on that says, "forever and for always" It is hardly legible, but that is the effect I wanted. I also attached a ribbon on it, to keep it shut. It is getting past my bedtime, and have caught myself nodding off several times while composing this. Please excuse any typos. *wink*wink*


wanda said...

Where do you get all your ideas? You're something else!! A keeper.

Anonymous said...

And the great ideals just keep on coming, very beautiful I especialy like the forever and always !! *

Pat said...

What a great idea! Very pretty!! I should be so organized!