Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pat's 13th Saturday Night Challenge

Yes, I said 13th, it is hard to believe that many weeks have passed since she began this. A lot was going on this weekend, and I thought I may have to sit this one out, then she said we had an extra day plus it was # 13 and I thought I might have bad luck if I didn't, because I have participated in every 12 so far, not missing one. I was a beginner at this when she started having these, I credit her challenges with me learning new techniques, and about products that are out there that I had no ideal even existed. Thanks Pat. She keeps telling me though, to stop stressing over the minor details, that it is all about just having FUN. Pat, I'm trying to loosen up. *wink*wink*
I made the trio of frames about my DH, Allan. He retired several years ago from the electric company. He spent 30 years as a lineman, working in all kinds of terrible and dangerous situations. I sit up many nights waiting on him while he was out in the field with horrific thunderstorms going on, and he could not leave till every ones power was on. One year during a hurricane, he worked his regular 40 hour shift, and had 70 hours over time, in a 6 day period. So I feel as if anyone needs to enjoy retirement he is one of them. So remember to thank your utility workers, and not be upset because you are without utilities, they are doing their best.

The first picture is him (windshield of bike is blocking his face) and friend Wesley loading up their Harley's and heading to Daytona Beach for bike week. The second is of him and our oldest son, fishing for walleye at Lake James. The third, but not least is him playing in a golf tournament at Cedar Rock Club.

I didn't exactly follow the directions to the tee, I left the ribbon off the back that covered the brads, and covered it with coordinating paper, and wrote about the pictures on the back. I also tied bows between the brads. This is going to be his birthday present which comes around next month, He will be 65. I don't believe he looks it, and sure doesn't act it.


Corina said...

so cool! I love the pics of him and his "toys".. just like a big kid! haha! Beautiful work with the brads and ribbon too! :D

Pat said...

Big boys and their toys - really cute frame.

karen c. said...

I remember those "stormy" nights all to well especially, Hurrican Hugo. Unforgetable. My ex and Allan both worked together for the electrical company. Allan defintely deserves retirement. However, I still feel sorry for you Shelia, having to still work. Allan is lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with karen, Allan is a lucky man. I enjoyed the pictures.
I just didn't see you in any of them!*