Saturday, May 10, 2008

Good Morning

I hope every one's weekend has started off brilliantly. Mine has. I plan on working outside awhile this morning, as we are expecting showers this afternoon. I received some flower, bedding plants, for Mother's day, and I want to get them in ground. That way when the rain comes, they can soak up all that wonderful water.

This little thing I made is for our son, who every week when his girls come to visit, has a new photo on his refrigerator of one of the girls. He switches off each week. It has become a exciting game to the little 2 year old. That is the first thing she runs to see when she arrives at his house.

I thought this little clothespin photo holder would be the perfect thing to hold the photo on the fridge. I covered both sides of the clothespin, then distressed the edges and sides. It looked to plain, so decided to run a length of ribbon down the front of it. Then to the odds and ends stash box I went for the little butterfly, then a bow at the bottom. Finished it off with a strip of magnet on the back. I hope he likes it.


Anonymous said...

what a wonderful way to delight the girls and he has got to love it. Good job Shelia!*

wanda said...

You are in the wrong business!!! You should have a little craft shop somewhere.

Pat said...

Too cute!! Have fun in your garden - it's cold, wet and nasty here this weekend. My poor flowers look like they're shivering.