Friday, May 16, 2008

The North 40

Just teasing as you can tell. These are a few photos of the other little hobby I have when I don't scrap. We got a little much needed rain last night, hope it continues today. I have green beans for Pat, green peas for me, and cabbage, lettuce onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash planted. There is also dill, chamomile, nasturtiums, and sunflowers and marigolds, that have not come up yet. . We went to dinner last night with several couples that my husband used to work with, so I didn't get anything completed to post, thus you will just have to be bored with these. I promise to do better over the weekend. I am counting down till 4:00 PM and the beginning of the weekend.


Anonymous said...

You make my little garden look pityful. you truely have a green thumb. love to look at your handy work. keep it up!*

Pat said...

Take care of "my" beans!! I'm getting hungry just thinking about them :)