Thursday, May 15, 2008


I don't know the real name of this rose, but I have deemed It "Emily's Rose" It is blooming in her memory garden this week, at my house. Emily was a dear friend of mine and Pat's, and sister of Dee & Mike, who left us way to soon. This rose represents her beauty, physical and inner. Please see the link to her web page on the right, it tells of her tragic death and the ones left to grieve for her. Seems like she has been pulling at every one's heart strings lately, so it is very fitting that this rose opened up today. Always tell the one's you care for that you love them.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful rose and a beautiful thought. you were a true friend to Emily. I entend to do what you said.*

wanda said...

Beautiful rose as you are a beautiful person!! So glad our paths have crossed.

Pat said...