Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Heather's Spark

Heather's Friday Night Spark this past Friday was to make a Halloween card. I really can't believe it is that close to Halloween, but it is, and then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and that means cold weather. I am not at all fond of cold weather, or snow, unless it means I get a day off from work. I detest spiders, about as much as Pat, but I thought this little red eyed spider and her little babies following behind was cute. That is as long as they stay right where I put them. I don't know who they were made by, they were leftovers from last year. Tomorrow is the deadline for Pat's Challenge, so I had better get busy on that.


Anonymous said...

It can't be that close to Halloween can it.I like the spiders on the card it all reminds me of my son's birthday on Halloween, he's 48 now and he's still our little buger.:)*

Pat said...

Really neat card! I like those spiders right where they are - glued to the card!

Heather said...

Look at those big spiders! Ew! *lol* Such a cute card!

Thanks for "sharing your spark!"