Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey it works

Finally, It worked this morning. Guess me and the computer both were really tired when I tried to up upload them the other night. I made a friend a small set of monogrammed note cards, for her birthday. Very Very simple, Because I needed them in about two hours. I also found the little container that something came in and I had hoarded it back, like everything else I do. I just stuck a simple little card and ribbon to it. All in about 1 hour. The cards are by Gartner, the monograms in a frame are Martha Stewart's. The Scribbles Alpha are by Rhonna Farrer. I used Martha's glitter marker set to color in some of the initials, and Glaze by Sakura for the others. I really like the Martha Stewart's little glitter markers. Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Hey glad you are back, what a neat birthday gift and so pretty, she will love them.*

Pat said...

Those note cards are SO cute!! I'm sure your friend will love them!