Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yesterday morning, I was having a hard time getting awake, I get up at 5 AM. I usually jump in shower shortly after. I could not stay awake, and was going through the motions. I was fixing my hair, and opened cabinet door, and tried to squirt some gel in my hand. I noticed that the pump apparatus on the bottle, was in a closed position, but I just twisted it open and proceeded with the process. After blowing my hair for a few minutes, I realized it just wasn't doing right, and I smelled a fragrance, knowing I always use unscented, I then got suspicious. I took the bottle out from under the cabinet, and it was what I always used, but it did not smell like blueberries. As I was replacing it back in the cabinet, I spied the culprit, a new (previously unopened) bottle of hand soap. Yep, back in shower I went to wash out the soap that I had put in my hair. I guess the moral is, don't be a unconscious person when you get ready for work. *wink*wink*


Pat said...

Too funny!! And what did you put on your hair this morning??

karen c. said...

Sounds like you and I had the same type problem...Yesterday, I went to reach for my favorite Bed & Bath bodywash and picked up the shampoo instead and squirted on the body sponge. Well I went ahead and used it.

Anonymous said...

Thats a sign of something, i can't remember what it is.:)*