Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday's Doings

Hope everyone enjoyed their Saturday. I didn't get any paper crafting done today, but did get to work outside around the house, and some cleaning inside. I enjoy staying at home on Saturdays, and getting everything I can finished. We are still in a heat wave, in the foothills of NC. Luckily, we had two little pop up showers, but not enough to even register in the rain gauge. I live in an older home (70+ years), and it has some of the old shrubbery, that the original couple planted years ago. I love these flowers the best. The first picture is of a bunch of flowers off one of the bushes I trimmed today, that was growing out of hand. The second pic is a picture of a photo, that Emily's sister gave me. The little table it is sitting on was handmade by my grandfather years ago. I almost always keep fresh flowers on this table in memory of Emily and use this table, because that was the kind of things she liked. The photo of Emily, was chosen by her sister because, this is the place she loved best, the ocean. The Willow Tree Angels are special to me. The Angel of Strength, Emily gave to me the 2nd Christmas I knew her. She knew that I didn't think of myself as a very "strong" person, but she thought I was one of the strongest ladies she knew. And because I raised 5 boys, she said she could just image seeing me with my arm crossed standing over my sons as children and being firm with them. The other two, Emily's sister gave to me after Emily's death. The Angel with her arms outstretched is "Courage", which has a special meaning to Dee, Pat, me, and the rest of Emily's family and friends. Looking at it reminds me to have courage, and also it reminds me that Emily is the triumphant one. The third one is called "Heart and Soul", and it speaks for itself. Some of the flowers that is beside her photo have special meanings also. The Black -Eyed Susan's, represent JUSTICE. The Calla Lily leaves, are from one of Emily's that she gave me the year she died. There is a sprig of Asparagus Fern, that is also from her. And yes I do own pretty little vases, but she would have chosen the old canning jar, over a crystal vase. That is a small hint as to the great kind of person she was. Thanks for looking.


Anonymous said...

You write as good as you design, I do enjoy both. thanks for sharing your life. Just keep up the good work.*

wanda said...

what a wonderful friend you are.

Pat said...

Love the picture and the angels! Emily was one of a kind.