Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Well here is my stab at Pat's Saturday Night Challenge. We had a week and a half to get finished. That is why I am posting a day early. You know me it is usually just under the deadline time and day. This really was a lot easier project then I first thought it to be. And lots of fun also.

I have a boring life. That is what I get for telling everyone that Pat's tag album, showed the life of an "older" lady :) Well if they give prizes for the most mundane life. I'll win the gold!!! This is going to be a long post, sorry about that, I am a very long winded person, and get side tracked very easily too.
The front of my album is just plain light aqua card stock. I used my new nestabilities to cut out the 2 layers. I am learning but it is all so much fun. On the back of the cover page I told about the challenge and date, etc. The butterfly is by K&Co. The yarn, well it's been around here a long time. The fake stitching is also by K&Co.
Sunday's page shows what I ate that day. Really interesting isn't it?

Monday's shows me deciding on what paper and embellishments I want to use for this album.

Tuesday, Well that is my morning routine page. I have a picture of a raisin-cinnamon bagel, with melted butter (the real stuff) and then sprinkled (heavily) with cinnamon sugar. To wash it all down an energy drink. I usually take this into the computer room, along with the paper, and read the headlines, and check my emails. Did you notice that the little thingies that the ribbons are tied to are the pop up things off the top of the cans. They were such a pretty color, I had to save them.

Wednesday shows the regular routine I do, almost every night. Watering my flower beds. If you look close you can see the water spray in the picture.

Thursday evening after work, I canned some pickled beets, that a friend gave to me. I got to use my nestabilities again to make little tags to go on the jars.

Friday, after watering I sit on my front porch swing and watched as the sun begin to sit.

Saturday, my favorite day of the week, Chris, my middle son, came to visit. He had been out to get a haircut, and stopped by to have a glass of tea with me.

The inside page of the very back page, tells who I am, or is it Who I'm Not?

The very back has my initials and date, with a ribbon, flower, and sticker.

Thanks for staying throughout the whole thing.


pat said...

this is SO pretty!! Great job with the challenge. By the way you silly goose, it is neither boring nor mundane. I enjoyed each day.

Anonymous said...

Such a great job of the challenge and there are millions of women that would swap lives with you. Boring never, thanks for a little insight to your life.*

wanda said...

Lovely work.

Jen D. said...

Grrat album. Love that you used the tabs from the can on that one page.

karen c. said...

What kind of album would you call this...the "Daily live of Shelia?"