Saturday, August 16, 2008


Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Everywhere I looked, there were TOMATOES. Also, I had a bunch of onions and peppers. So I decided to make some salsa. I ended up just canning 3 jars, because I had given all the rest away, when you have 5 sons, things don't stay around to long. My husband is on BP meds and suppose to be watching his sodium intake, so awhile back I decided to use the flat cornmeal tortillas to make us some tostitos to scoop the salsa up. I just cut the little ones in quarters, put them on a sprayed baking pan, and put them in a 350 degree oven just until they turn light brown and start curling up at the corners. We have always liked these better, then store bought ones. The Salsa is just medium hot. I got to use my nestabilities to make the little tags. I am loving that thing more every day. It was so intimidating to begin with, but I will conquer it.


Anonymous said...

Not only do you design and create but cook and come up such delicious snacks. I say again that Allan is a lucky man. :)*

karen c. said...

You'll make Drake's mouth water...I can't keep enough of salsa and chips in the house. I'll try your idea of the tortilla's.

Pat said...

You amaze me everyday!!! The tags are great!!