Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pat's Saturday Challenge

This week's Scrapbook Cafe Saturday Night challenge was to scrap something you like about autumn. Pat talked of her love of walking and shuffling in the fallen leaves. I am originally from the Mountains of NC. As a child I took for granted all the beauty that was bestowed upon us in the fall of the year. Now that I am older, much much older, the beauty of the mountains when they are in full bloom in their fall colors, is more than breathtaking. It makes you stand in awe of this beautiful gift that God, gives us year after year. The sun glistening through the golds, reds, oranges, and yellows is indescribable. One must see it for themselves. Here is my page that shows just a hint of the grandeur of the NC mountains, in the fall. These photos were taken near Todd, NC.


Anonymous said...

and there's no prettier place on this earth than the mountains of NC in the fall. Thanks for sharing.*

Corina said...

beautiful pics!! there's this one street by my house that is absolutely gorgeous during fall.. the colors are amazing!!

Pat said...

Beautiful! I especially miss the mountains this time of the year.