Thursday, August 28, 2008


I am not sure how many of you got to watch Good Morning America, Today Show or CNN this morning. They aired the story of a young woman, here in Lenoir, NC and her strength to stay alive. Here is link to one of many articles about her.
The article also tells how Caldwell County came together, to help this young family. Her story is nothing short of a miracle. Please take a second of your time to read these articles.

Update on new kitten. Everyone said not to name it, because if I did, that meant that it was officially mine. But we have and that is ok, because he responds to Kitty Kitty the best. I have not had any responses to the flyers that I put out about the little kitten I found. I will give it till next week to say he is here to stay.
Pat put it best when she told me that it was meant for me to belong to him. Anyone that has every had a cat, knows exactly what she meant my that.

Maybe tomorrow, I will have some creative thing to post. Taking care of a baby kitten, is a very time consuming job.

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Anonymous said...

Yes indeed it was a miracle for Amber to be found alive and this just shows what kind of people we have in this part of the country. indeed Oz is home for good and a better home he could not find. He deed indeed pick you.*